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Plastic cable ties

Our high-quality plastic cable ties are made of polyamide 6.6 (PA6.6, also known as nylon), and are therefore tough and durable. Their proven design allows you to install these strong polyamide cable ties quickly and easily. Discover a diverse selection of premium plastic cable ties in various styles, sizes and colours at qbendo.
Standard cable ties
Standard cable ties
For bundling cables, conduits and pipes
Ty-Rap® cable ties with metal pawl
Cable ties with metal pawl Ty-Rap®
With metal tongue lock for a secure hold
Twist Tail® cable ties
Twist Tail® cable ties
For installation without tools
Marker cable ties
Marker cable ties
For labelling cable harnesses
Screw-mount cable ties
Screw-mount cable ties
For attaching bundled items to walls and ceilings
Reusable cable ties
Reusable cable ties
Releasable thanks to a lever lock
Coloured cable ties made of polyamide 6.6
Coloured cable ties
For the colour coding of cables

Easy, efficient, excellent: premium cable ties from qbendo for your projects

qbendo is your partner if you are looking for reliable premium plastic cable ties for use and assembly in your company. As a qbendo customer you benefit from
  • high-quality materials: premium cable ties made of polyamide 6.6
  • reliable product quality: plastic cable ties with reliable performance parameters and well-thought-out design.
  • qbendo as a trustworthy supplier: certifications for a wide range of applications.
A cable tie consists of these 5 components.

1 Inside serration and rounded corners

In addition to the secure hold of the fastener on the bundled items, you will benefit from further advantages: The height of the serrated strip of our plastic cable ties is flush with the height of the side edges. This, together with the rounded corners on the cable tie strap, prevents the plastic zip tie or its serration from cutting into the cables or conduits.

2 Low burr formation due to centred mould parting line

The plastic cable ties from qbendo are manufactured using superior production processes. A centred mould parting line reduces burr occurrence to a minimum. As a result, our polyamide 6.6 cable ties have no sharp edges that could damage cable insulation or scratch surfaces. Your employees will thank you – without rough edges, they are less likely to cut themselves on the plastic zip ties during installation.

3 Secure locking mechanism for a firm hold

In cable ties, the locking head does all the work. To ensure that it doesn’t break even with heavy-duty use, our plastic cable ties with a width of 4.6 mm or more have a locking mechanism with four instead of three teeth. If you need reliable and high tensile strength, we recommend these plastic cable ties with the so-called four-tooth head design. No slipping, no loosening, the plastic cable tie holds firm!

4 Angled tail as an insertion aid

With small plastic cable ties, the end of the tie, the so-called tail, is angled inwards. The bend makes it easier for you to reach the cable tie head in tight areas and helps you thread the strap into the locking mechanism. This is a great advantage, especially when space is limited.

5 Tail ribbing for pre-assembly

The tail of the qbendo cable ties has a slightly ribbed surface. This is not simply a pattern but offers many practical features. The ribbing ensures that the tie strap does not slip out of the head before the non-releasable serration begins to grip. This is particularly useful if you pre-assemble standard cable ties and want to tighten these fasteners later. The ribbed surface also provides you with a better grip on the tie end. It prevents the tail from slipping out of your fingers during installation.

Better installation, more secure bundling: premium four-tooth head design for increased tensile force and stability

Illustration of the four-tooth locking head design
Are you looking for reliable plastic cable ties with high tensile force and industrial quality? How reliably a cable tie holds depends on the material quality, the design of the fastener and the locking mechanism. You should, therefore, choose cable ties made of polyamide 6.6 with four-tooth fastening technology. The four-tooth locking head guarantees a firm hold and prevents the nylon cable tie from coming loose inadvertently.
Our premium cable ties with a width of 4.6 mm or more possess a very high tensile strength thanks to the four-tooth design in the locking head. Conventional plastic zip ties have two to three teeth in the cable tie head. The fourth tooth significantly increases the tensile force compared to conventional standard cable ties. High tensile strength is particularly important if the plastic cable tie is exposed to heavy-duty use or heavy weights. Locking mechanisms with four teeth also make the fastener more resistant to vibrations and jolts. All of these are necessities for industrial use.

Centre parting line for maximum flexibility and secure installation

Do you need reliable, high-quality PA6.6 cable ties? The qbendo cable ties will not disappoint!
They are manufactured by our suppliers using a complex injection moulding process with a centre parting line. This is what defines our premium cable ties because this manufacturing process gives the cable ties their reliable characteristics:
  • The plastic cable ties are very flexible during installation and adapt to the shape of the objects.
  • The structural integrity of the fasteners improves because the tension in the material is evenly distributed. This leads to better stability, strength and durability and reduces the risk of breakage.
  • The plastic cable ties have only minimal burrs. This and the rounded corners minimise the risk of installation-related injuries to your employees due to sharp edges and contribute to the durability of the bundled items.
These are all valuable quality features that are combined in our premium polyamide 6.6 cable ties. Nylon cable ties with a centre parting line are, for example, standard in the automotive industry.

The right plastic cable tie for every need

Our high-quality plastic cable ties are suitable for a wide range of application areas. Thanks to a centred parting line and innovative four-tooth locking heads, qbendo cable ties are very versatile in their use:
  • The strong polyamide 6.6 / nylon cable ties are ideal for fastening items temporarily or permanently.
  • If you want to bundle cables, hoses or conduits, we offer nylon cable ties with small to medium bundle diameters.
  • Standard-sized cable ties are also suitable for attaching objects such as safety nets, tarpaulins or election posters.
  • If you want to bundle pipes or fasten larger items, we carry large nylon zip ties with a larger bundle diameter in our assortment.
  • For outdoor use, we recommend black plastic cable ties as they are UV-resistant.

At a glance – the qbendo icons

Thanks to our icons, you can identify the key features of our plastic cable ties at a glance:
  • If you are searching for UV-resistant nylon cable ties, look for our icon in the shape of a sun.
  • You can determine whether a cable tie is reusable by the open-lock icon.
  • When you need high tensile strength, you can tell by the icon with the four-tooth head whether the plastic cable tie has a four-tooth locking mechanism.
Illustration of the qbendo icons

Because it matters: our certifications

All qbendo cable ties are REACH and RoHS compliant. So that you can tell instantly, we have noted it for our products and listed the corresponding logos:
  1. The REACH logo shows that no substances of very high concern (SVHC) are used in production.
  2. The RoHS logo indicates that the product does not contain any RoHS-listed substances above the limit values.
  3. The CE marking signifies that our cable ties can be sold in the EU without restrictions.
  4. Cable ties that are UL-listed have been safety tested and certified with respect to fire, electrical shock and mechanical hazards.
Certification logos

Brands at qbendo: clip-de-pix

With the plastic cable ties from our Clip-de-pix brand, you get premium products with consistent quality. Discover all the associated products on the Clip-de-pix brand page and benefit from high quality at a fair price.

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