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Which cable ties are UV-resistant?

For outdoor use, cable ties must be weather-resistant as well as UV-resistant. Here, we explain which cable ties you can expose to UV rays without causing any damage to them.

Table of Contents

UV and weather-resistant cable ties

Our black cable ties are UV-resistant and thus suitable for outdoor use. Stainless steel cable ties are also appropriate for outdoor applications. For answers to questions about heat resistance, please refer to our FAQ page on operating temperatures.

What does UV-resistant mean?

UV-resistant plastics and materials can be exposed to sunlight and other UV sources without any problems. The material retains its functionality without discolouring or becoming brittle. In order to achieve UV resistance, carbon black is added to the plastic. Please see our resistance table for more information on the chemical resistance of different cable tie materials.

What does weather-resistant mean?

A material is considered weather-resistant if it can stand up to factors affecting the weather. These include humidity, hail, ozone, air pollution, temperature fluctuations and UV radiation. Therefore, materials to be intended for outdoor applications should also be UV-resistant.

You can find an overview of warnings for handling cable ties in our safety information.