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Adhesive mounts, 28 x 28 mm, natural

self-adhesive base for cable ties, for max. cable tie width of 4.8 mm, 100 pieces/UoS

Item number KBD-ZU-000-018
Unit of Sale (UoS) 100 pieces
Brand: Clip-de-pix
Price and rebate
1 UoS 7.65 CHF/UoS
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from 40 UoS 5.75 CHF/UoS
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These natural-coloured adhesive cable tie mounts can be used for the versatile installation of cable bundles or conduits on smooth surfaces by looping the cable tie through the component on the adhesive base. Self-adhesive mounts are utilised where you cannot use screw-fastened mounts. However, these adhesive bases do come with additional mounting holes if you still want to screw them on. Use these sticky pads for cable ties, for example, to secure cables on television sets, desks, inside control cabinets or server rooms.

These 28 x 28 mm natural-coloured adhesive mounts are suitable for cable ties with a maximum width of 4.8 mm. You can find matching cable ties linked below.

Please note

Please note that these mounting bases can only be installed on smooth surfaces. Said surfaces must be clean and free of dust to ensure optimum adhesion. Not suitable for textured or uneven surfaces.


RoHS certification REACH certification CE certification UL certification

Technical data

Article ID KBD-ZU-000-018
Product ID (Anderegg) 52502
EAN 7640121070570
Length 28 mm
Width 28 mm
Tie mount height 7 mm
Tensile strength (in kg) 16.2 kg
Material PA 6.6
Colour natural-coloured
Flammability rating UL 94 V-2
Min. working temperature -35 ° C
Max. working temperature 85 ° C
Halogen-free Yes
Silicone-free Yes
UV resistant No
Detectable No
max. cable tie width 4.8 mm
self-adhesive Yes
Mounting holes Yes
RoHS certification Yes
REACH certification Yes
CE certification Yes
UL certification Yes
UR certification No
CSA certification No
DNV certification No
Designation label Adhesive mounts
E-No. label E118226
UL-type label 21
UL-No. label SDM-102
Weight 170 g/UoS
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